Success Stories

When I first began working with Andrea, I was nearing the end of a 7 year career at the same company and was only weeks away from the dreaded job search.  I knew I wanted to switch industries, but I hadn’t decided which path was best for me and I didn’t know where to start. After our first session alone I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders; Andrea helped me break my thoughts down into small, manageable pieces and take a closer look into my options from new perspectives. We set small goals together and the burden slowly turned into inspiration. Eventually I narrowed it down to 2 very different, but exciting and challenging options. Because of my work with Andrea, I was able to weigh my options in a way that I wouldn’t have figured out on my own. Her professionalism, guidance, compassion and intuition gave me the structure and freedom I needed to calmly handle this pivotal transition in my life.  She showed me that excitement can overpower anxiety, even during the most stressful times. And when I was offered my dream job, Andrea was my first call.

Catherine A., Chicago, Illinois

In the last month I had the opportunity to interview for an internal promotion at my current company. After researching the specifics and what my opportunity would be, I realized I needed expertise for the interview process.I reached out to Andrea, an old colleague who I valued tremendously in the HR, Training, and Coaching environment.Andrea provided valuable feedback on my skillset and how to fine tune it for this interview. The conversations and coaching leading up to the big day were instrumental in my success.I’m so thankful I worked with Andrea beforehand, I was beyond prepared, I had a clear head, and was inspired to be the best version of myself.I would highly recommend Andrea to any experienced professionals looking for a hands on approach in growing their career.

Jessica R., Dallas, Texas

I strongly recommend Andrea Olson as a career coach! She worked together with me to tailor a coaching program to specifically meet my needs and goals. She was tremendously helpful to me in my recent job search, providing excellent suggestions and tools for making it an effective search process. She gave me guidance, and valuable advice, which was exactly what I needed to get myself back on track – to be confident and positive about what I have to offer to the job market.  I am confident that I will now be remarkable in any interview or hiring situation. Thank you for your guidance, support and time!

-Carolina Mantovanini

Frisco, Texas

Andrea impressed me with straightforward communication, her attention to details, and the way she maximized our time. She has an ability to coach at all levels, including the executive level. Andrea facilitated our conversation to help me to think of new strategies and approaches. Working with her ensures the follow through that is needed to find the right opportunity.

-Jane K., Dallas, Texas

Having Andrea as a coach is a fantastic decision! She made efficient and professional use of our time to move me toward my goals. Andrea was able to suggest some small improvements to my presentation that made a huge impact! I was able to immediately put Andrea’s suggestions into practice and increase my profitability with just the first 2 sessions. Andrea is gentle yet directive and quite encouraging. I am excited about working with her again!

Emily S., Dallas, Texas

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